6 Tips To Keep Raccoons Away When Camping

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Don't let pesky raccoons ruin your camping trip! Learn how to keep raccoons away when camping and stay safe while outdoors.

keep raccoons away from your campsite with these tips

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Raccoons are cute, but they carry disease and will happily destroy your entire campsite in an effort to find food.

More than once I have woke up to an absolute mess of a campsite, that has been completely ravaged by racoons. I’ve eventually learned from my mistakes.

If you want to avoid the same pitfalls, here are my top 6 tips to keep raccoons away when camping.

Understanding Raccoon Behavior

By knowing more about raccoon behavior and habits, you’ll be better equipped to keep them away from your campsite.

Diet And Habits

As a camper, it’s important to understand the diet and habits of raccoons as this will help when finding ways to keep them away from your campsite. Raccoons are omnivorous animals that enjoy eating fruits, vegetables and nuts, which makes them more attracted to campers’ food supplies. They can also scavenge for insects, amphibians, eggs, birds and small mammals in nearby wetlands or wooded areas.

Raccoons generally become active during twilight hours and may search for food before sunset or late at night. Their highly developed sense of touch helps them locate food quickly even in complete darkness. They often try to sneak up on humans while they sleep and steal any readily available snacks such as chips or crackers that have been left out overnight.

Potential Hazards

Raccoons can carry and spread diseases such as rabies, Roundworm Disease and Leptospirosis. They are also known to bite and scratch humans if they feel threatened or scared. Additionally, they can cause a lot of damage to tents while searching for food. It’s important to take precautions when camping in order to keep raccoons away from your campsite.

Raccoons are known scavengers, so it’s important to pick up any trash around camp that could attract them. Also make sure all food items that could have an animal scent on them are kept in airtight containers or stored off the ground away from their reach such as hanging from a tree limb or inside a vehicle at night where possible. Removing food sources is key when trying to prevent raccoon visits around your campsite!

Tips On How To Keep Raccoons Away From Campsite

There are a variety of ways you can keep raccoons away from your campsite, such as using smell-proof storage bags or spreading chili powder around the area. Read on to learn more about these effective tips!

Store Food In A Secure Location

When camping with family, it is important to store food in a secure location. A great way to do this is by using bear-proof coolers and smell-proof storage bags that are designed to keep raccoons out of your campfood. This helps reduce the chances of attracting any uninvited guests while also keeping our food safe from wild animals. Not only will these methods help protect us against raccoons, but they can also help protect away other small critters like rats and mice.

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Opt For A Bear-Proof Cooler

These were built with bears in mind, but if it can stop a bear it can also act as an effective deterrent for raccoons and other wildlife.

These coolers are designed with heavy-duty materials, reinforced zippers and durable latches that withstand even the most determined animal attempts of entry! With the right cooler, I’ll be able to shut out prying paws while keeping our perishables at a cool and steady temperature all night long.

Use Smell-Proof Storage Bags

When camping, one of the best ways to prevent an unwelcome visit from a raccoon is to use smell-proof storage bags for all food items. Not only will these help protect your food from moisture and wild animals, but they’ll also keep odors at bay that can attract raccoons in the first place. Smell-proof storage bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so consider investing in a few that fit your needs before heading out on your camping trip.

Hang Food And Trash From A Tree Limb

Hanging food and trash from a tree limb is one of the most effective ways to keep raccoons away from camp. This method ensures that all food items, such as snacks or leftovers, are securely suspended in the air off the ground and out of reach from these pesky animals. To achieve this, you should use rope or bungee cords to tie up your garbage bags so they hang a few feet off the ground in areas where there are no trees nearby.

Spread Chili Powder Around Campsite

I’ve found spreading chili powder around my campsite to be a surprisingly effective way to keep curious raccoons away. The smell of the chili powder irritates raccoons and if they detect it, they’ll stay far away from your campsite. For extra precaution, you can sprinkle some additional chili powder on nearby trees or fences at night as it will create an unpleasant aroma for any unwanted visitors.

Soak Campsite With Irish Spring Soap

Soaking your campsite with Irish Spring soap is a great way to get rid of raccoons. The strong scent of the soap is apparently off-putting for most wildlife, including raccoons. I personally love the smell, but I also don’t eat trash like a raccoon, so….

What To Do If Raccoons Approach Your Campsite

Remain calm and stay safe by following these tips, so you can confidently handle any raccoon encounter during your camping trip.

Remain Calm

When you encounter a raccoon at the campsite, it is important to stay calm and not panic. Keeping your cool will help you think more clearly about how to handle the situation without causing further distress or harm. It also prevents any additional stress that could frighten away or anger the animal.

Keep Your Distance

If you come across a raccoon while camping, it is important to keep your distance. Raccoons are wild animals and can become aggressive if they feel threatened or scared. It’s best to always err on the side of caution when dealing with any wildlife – stay at least 6 feet away from them and monitor their movements carefully.

Do Not Approach Or Feed The Raccoon

It is essential to remember never to approach or feed a raccoon when camping. Raccoons are wild animals, and approaching them can be dangerous. They may appear friendly and unafraid of humans, but they can quickly become territorial or aggressive if provoked in any way.

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